• How Education Can Reduce Poverty

    Education matter a lot especially when an individual wants to get success in life. Poverty which is one of the most serious issues of every society. All the countries either it is underdeveloped or developed has to face this critical issue. Education play very important role in poverty. The country without education cannot survive if it does not have basic accessories of life.

    Relationship Between Poverty and Education:

    Education and poverty both have a relationship with each other. The success of any country is based on its poverty growth rate if the growth rate is less than the country can survive and if poverty growth rate is much then poverty increases. Education provides multiple opportunities and solutions for all the problems. It also provides challenges in every walk of life. As we know that education always helps in the progress of the country. If people will learn more skillful ideas they will be able to compete with difficult challenges in every walk of life. An educated individual can earn for him without any hurdle and flourished his or her lifestyle. It also helps to enhance the productivity and growth of the country. Best JEE coaching centers in India are establishing the strong relationship between the students and the teacher about Joint Entrance Exam.

    Huge Family Structure:

    In India, most of the families who have huge family structure and they have very less income to provide shelter, food, and education for their young ones. The badly suffer lack of education because they do not have a maximum requirement to fulfill the needs of their children. That is why they prefer work as compare to study in school. Because they do not afford the too much fee of institutes that is why they start working in very small age. A number of countries are investing money to reduce the poverty.

    Importance of Healthcare Programs:

    Health care programs matter a lot to reduce the poverty in India. The government must introduce health care services for poor and needy people, especially in rural areas. Government and board of education must also plan the affordable policies for those families who have low income and budget to facilitate their families. The government must also provide guidelines to improve the health status.

    Reduce Divorce Rate:

    To reduce poverty, divorce rate must also be reduced. Many times a single parent does not have much income to support their family, so it is a big challenge to cooperate with each other those people who do not compete with these circumstances they suffered from divorce rate. And no doubt education tells about the gender equality, norms and values, and ethics to survive in the society.


    According to the Nelson Mandela saying:-

    “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”

    With the help of education, we can control these all things. And by this, we can easily live our life happily. So it can also boost the economy, growth, and productivity of the nation.

    Higher Education Role in Reducing Poverty:

    The higher education system benefits a lot to provide free education for those students who cannot afford the fee. In India, the number of government sector universities are providing a huge platform for students to enhance the personal abilities. In rural areas, different educational programs are introduced in recent years which are quite helpful for poor and needy people. Manu national and international scholarships programs are investing money for those students who have good grades in their area of the field.

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    Mardi 31 Juillet 2018 à 09:52


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